Our History

In 2006, Pastor Jose Guardian from the Hispanic Church of Medicine Hat had the initiative to start an outreach in Brooks. He began to visit some Hispanic people who had just settled in this town because of work.

In November of the 2006 a group of 16 workers arrived from El Salvador, and in March of 2008 the first Colombians of 300 hired by the company Lakeside Packers began to arrive, also 20 Mexicans arrived later on, therefore the Hispanic population grew in Brooks. Most of them spoke non-English and all of them had left their wives and children back in their countries.

Pastor Jose Guardian along with a group of people from his Church in Medicine Hat, began to visit the Hispanics who just arrived and initiated several Bible studies in April of the 2008 and at the same time helped them to get settled in many ways. They started to give English classes, translation was offered, transportation to go shopping to Medicine hat, providing some household-electric, furniture and haircut, etc.

Pastor Alvin Penner joined as well with the church of Duchess, they helped supporting in diverse ways the new ministry. Members of other Churches like: Carolyn and Les Virovec, Celina and Garth Everett, Janelle Gerestein, Joel and Kim Vanwert, also they have contributed with their valuable time and support to this ministry.

In July 2009, the new church New Land Ministries, gave the welcome to Pastor Daniel Ramirez, his wife Lilia and their 5 year old son, Emmanuel as their full time Pastor. The Church of Medicine Hat, the Church of Duchess and Northwest Mennonite Conference were partnering to help meet the financial needs of this new work.

#304 Cassils Road East. Brooks, AB


(Same building of the Alliance Church)


Tuesdays 11:00 - 11:45
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Prayer meeting

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Brooks New Land Ministries



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